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Re: Mounting Problem

On Wed, Oct 16, 2002 at 07:31:34AM -0700, Jerry Van Brimmer wrote:
> On Wed, 2002-10-16 at 00:24, Q. Gong wrote:
> > Did you try mounting when the drive was cool? How about trying mount after
> > a reboot? I encountered the same as you. I couldn't mount just after
> > recording. Then switched to windows to verify the CD. It was OK. Then back
> > to Linux. It became OK. I don't know the exact reason. Need more tests.
> This is interesting. Windows Me cannot read my suspect disk in either
> the Que or the Plextor drive.
> But, in Woody, the Plextor CAN see, mount and read the suspect disk.
> But, I cannot mount it in the Que drive. Why not ?????
> I'm very bummed, because this means that my old IDE Plextor can support
> some CDRW feature that my new Que drive doesn't support. Could it be
> that the Que USB2.0 drive is connected to a USB 1 port? The drive is
> backward compatible, so I would think that shouldn't be a problem.

Does USB 1 have the bandwidth to burn CDs?  It's possible that you've
burnt a dud disc (because of a buffer under run), that the plextor+linux
is happy to have a crack at reading it, while Windows and the USB driver
can't handle broken discs...

Maybe running `find -type f|xargs cat > /dev/null' to read
through every single file on thie disc will throw up an error.


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