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Re: pcmcia install on IBM laptop

On Wed, Oct 16, 2002 at 07:26:01AM -0600, Mark Zimmerman wrote......
> > 
> > I'm using a Xircom CreditCard CEM56-100 (ether 10/100 + modem56) as my
> > pcmcia card.
> Except for the card (I have a 3com with ethernet only) my setup is the
> same as yours. I never specified any options and I never had any
> trouble. I suspect that there must be some trick to working with a
> combination ethernet/modem card.
> One of the other VTs (#3 I think) has log messages. Maybe there is a
> clue there.

Didn't know about that VT #3 tip, which is a good one.  Here's what's in
my log right before I get stopped:

daemon.info.cardmgr[606]: executing 'modprobe xirc2ps_cs'
daemon.info.cardmgr[606]: executing 'modprobe serial_cs'
daemon.info.cardmgr[606]: executing './network start eth0'
daemon.info.cardmgr[606]: +cat: /var/lib/misc/pcmcia-scheme:
                          no such file or directory
daemon.info.cardmgr[606]: executing './serial start ttyS3'
daemon.info.cardmgr[606]: +cat: /var/lib/misc/pcmcia-scheme:
                          no such file or directory
user.info.dbootstrap[272]: wget: http.us.debian.org: Host name
                           lookup failure
user.err.dbootstrap[272]: The server was unavailable or contained 
			  no release file

So it's obviously looking for the pcmcia-scheme file, and not finding
it.  Wonder where you get one of those files ...



Kevin Coyner
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