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Re: Postfix MTA

Vaughan, Curtis said:
> I've finally got Postfix up and running, but when I try to use a mail
> client, it won't let me send mail.  It errors stating that: "The current
> command did not succeed. The mail server responded: permission denied."
> I'm thinking this may have something to do with writing the message to
> the Sent folder.  What else might it be?

Cyrus is slightly different(more proper) then some other IMAP

you need to adjust your mail client to use the "sent" folder that
is a SUB FOLDER of INBOX.  Most clients default to using a toplevel
Sent folder which will not work.

cyrus imap folder structure is like this

--user1(your account)
|   |
|   --Sent***
|   --Trash
|   -Other folders
|    |
|    --Sent
|    --Trash
|    --Other folders
--Other toplevel folders**

you can have more then just user accounts, you can have "generic"
folders and assign multiple people access to them(read the cyrus
docs on managing permissions/etc)

** most clients default to trying to make a "Sent" folder here
*** you should reconfigure it to use it here


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