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Re: Should I convert to ext3?

jeff <jmr71769@earthlink.net> writes:

> not too long ago, i posted the same question about converting to
> ext3. i had to see for myself exactly what was the big deal. as far as
> speed goes, i don't see much of a difference. but that wasn't my main
> concern. what was driving me nuts was the fsck every 20 mounts with
> ext2. 

     I use ext3, but fsck every 20 mounts is not, in itself, a valid
reason to switch.  See man tune2fs:

      -c max-mount-counts
              Adjust   the   maximal  mounts  count  between  two
              filesystem checks.  If max-mount-counts is  0  then
              the  number of times the filesystem is mounted will
              be disregarded by e2fsck(8) and the kernel.


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