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Re: Problems installing Kernel 2.4

Lourens replying to "Pattrick Hueper - proQrent GmbH"
<phueper@proqrent.de> wrote:

      >  Hi all,
      >  i am new to Debian, i used SuSE until now, but am sick of not
being able to
      >  upgrade...

Welcome, I too am a Debian-newbie_SuSE-refugee here.

I used the kernel src and compiled as per the useful instructions (see
URL below). 
The Debian way of compiling a kernel is a lot simpler than the
conventional way.(BTW: I used src as I needed to patch my kernel for my
vt8235 southbridge)

There was also a good thread on this list, only a cople of days ago.



Lourens Steenkamp

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