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Re: Installing Debian r3.0?

Fallen Angel wrote:


I've just been installing Debian 3.0 (not sure exactly which release) and I have experienced some problems ... these occurred after the first installation restart.

It may be my system though neither Windows nor SuSE Linux have any real problems with it ... being a computer freak my system is arguably a little more complex than the average user. The following is what it is:

CPU: P4/1.7

Motherboard: ASUS P4E with Promise Raid Lite & Sound

Memory: 512Kb/PC133

Video: ABit Siluro (nVidia GeForce2 64Mb AGP)

Storage: Array 1: 10Gb, single disk (/dev/ataraid/dp0)

Array 2: 60Gb, two disks (/dev/ataraid/dp1)


ZIP 100

Liteon DVD

Conventioanl CD

Network: Compaq/Intel EPro100

Other: Hauppage PCI TV Card.

During pre-reboot install it correctly identified the DVD drive as the source (/dev/cdrom) but after reboot (where it asks whether you want to update or whatever by FTP/HTTP/CDROM etc.) it doesn't accept this (/dev/cdrom) as the CDROM. I would have tried putting it in the other CD but that's not a DVD and my source is. I've tried a number of other sources (guesses) i.e. /dev/cdrom1, .../cdroms, .../ dvd, .../media, .../dvdrom and the same but using /mnt in place of /dev with no luck.

/dev/cdrom is usually a symlink to the actual device file. I'm unfamiliar with the typical setup of an ATA Raid capable motherboard, but on a standard IDE motherboard, typically the CDROM would be the master drive on the secondary IDE port, in which case it'd be accessed via /dev/hdc (/dev/hda for master on primary, /hdb for slave on primary, and /hdd for slave on secondary).

It may be that the installation routine symlinks the /cdrom name during installation, but fails to set it up for normal use. Assuming /dev/hdc is where your drive is, you can symlink it with "ln -s /dev/hdc /dev/cdrom", and then access it via /dev/cdrom.

/mnt is where the CDROM would get mounted to (e.g. "mount /dev/cdrom /mnt"; then "ls /mnt" would show contents of CD).

The output of "dmesg" soon after a boot might give you some indication of where the CDROM/DVD drive is.


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