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Re: Fresh install - unix module

Keith OConnell said:
> Hi,
> I installed debian several times this last week on several machines. I
> have a machine with an old bios that does not boot from CD so it is quite
> normal for me to use the rescue/root floppies then go on to a cd, then
> use http to download the bulk of the installation.
> I have noticed that when an install is done from a floppy start the
> module "unix" is placed in the /etc/modules file, but when the install is
> done by booting up from a CD there is no "unix" module listed in
> /etc/modules file

I believe the UNIX module is a "unix sockets" module. so yes it would
be critical. The system could probably run without it but many things
would break(syslog, X windows, to name a couple). I have never watched
what modules show up in /etc/modules during an install but I would guess
that the new kernel included unix sockets support as part of the kernel
so it didn't need to load a module.


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