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Re: what is /var/mail/sandip?

Paul Johnson wrote:
On Sat, Oct 12, 2002 at 01:55:16PM +0530, Sandip P Deshmukh wrote:

most of biff, xbiff, etc programs point to /var/mail/sandip directory. what is this? am i missing on some powerful feature of linux way of handling mail? is there a more elegant way of handling e-mail than what i used to do in windows?

Yes.  Go check out fetchmail.  Unix tends to prefer to handle mail on
it's own rather than letting the MUA attempt the task of mail fetcher
and SMTP client.  Your mail handling options go up considerably when
you go along with this idea.

Just set up fetchmail, let it run in the background and forget you
have to download email.

/var/mail/sandip is your mail spool file.  Probably not a good idea to
toy around with it by hand; let your MUA handle it.  (While it's
possible and easy to read email by hand with a text editor, the vast
majority of users prefer to use an MUA to parse the file into
bite-sized pieces.  8:o)

lastly, is it possible for different users on my machine to send mails to eachothers without running a mail-server?

No.  Don't try to work your way around this, just install an MTA and
get it over with.  Other people here can get you started on how to do
this, and how to make it aware of your ISP's outgoing mail server.

let me get it right. i have just now installed fetchmail-ssl. do i have to run it as a demon or something as a root?

now then, i configure fetchmail using fetchmailconf. i supply all my passwords. are they kept and sent encrypted?

then, will i have to be root and enable fetchmail to run as a demon or can i start it as a user also? (i dunno what part of systme i will have to modify to start fetchmail everytime i log on)

finally, assuming that it successfully does what it says it does, i will get a dump in /var/mail/sandip? how do i get it in say, mozilla?

and hey, is it possible for me to run an smtp client on my machine? would like to do it! so i can be independent of smtp that is run by someone else.

thanx in advance,


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