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RE: The only thing I miss about Windows

David Pastern said:

> Anyways...not all employers are unbiased to non microsoft o/s....

I love reading stories that surface every now and then about
a "rouge" IT staff member(or IT team) who secretly deploys linux/bsd
or some other open source software, the rest can't tell a difference
other then perhaps it is more reliable or faster, then 6-12 months
later management finds out  :)

I am certain many more companies would be open to opensource software
if they were forced to pay for all their commercial stuff. Every company
I've worked for piracy on the win32 side of the house was RAPANT.

suddenly office 2000 pro isn't so important once some realize it
costs +/- $300/seat(disclaimer: I have only worked for small companies
most less then 100 employees).


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