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RE: IMP / Horde / php / Pear / MySQL

Yes, apt-get install imp would be great.

I think I will use quirrelmail until then, I really did not have any fun
with imp before.

Matthew Joyce

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Sent: Friday, 11 October 2002 1:53 AM
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Subject: Re: IMP / Horde / php / Pear / MySQL

> Has anyone managed to get the latest IMP version (www.horde.org/imp) 
> working on Debian ?

I'm trying to make the debian (sarg) imp packages to work, but as I've
found, there are a couple of very important bugs for imp as well as
php4-imap that just wont let me run imp.

Actually, on this ultrasparc box I'm running I can't even run apache after
installing php4-imap :(.

I'm still a little new to debian, so I'm still reading about the Policy, and
bug submit information, but I'll try to report/fix the problem ASAP.

> Can anyone give me any step by step instructions or, preferably, some 
> idiot proff documention.

Since we are using a distribution, probably the easyest way of building and
idiot proff documentation, is a. fixing the packages, and b. saying "just
apt-get install imp" :)

Alvaro Figueroa

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