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Re: X with NVidia: "(EE) No devices detected"

Issac Trotts, 2002-Oct-08 17:16 -0700:
> >Re-installing is a bit drastic.  It seems to me that the modules
> >aren't loading.  The installation process puts them, I think, in
> >/lib/modules/<kernel>/misc so check there and do the insmod on those
> >specific names.  You'll also need to add those modules to the list in
> >/etc/modules so they are loaded at boot.
> >
> >jc
> >
> Here's what my session looks like:
>    $ cd /lib
>    $ find . -name \* | grep -i nv
>    ./security/pam_env.so
>    ./modules/2.2.18/misc/nvram.o
>    ./modules/2.2.18/video/NVdriver
>    $ find /lib -name \* | grep -i gl
> insmod nvram didn't help so I rmmod'ed it.
> Issac


Please reply to the list only, thanks.

I think there's also a glx driver that needs to be loaded.  Is the
NVdriver the only driver in that directory?


Jeff Coppock		Systems Engineer
Diggin' Debian		Admin and User

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