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Re: Wish to install lpr.

>>>>> "Seneca" == Seneca  <seneca-cunningham@rogers.com> writes:

Seneca> On Sun, Oct 06, 2002 at 06:31:24PM -0400, infotechsys wrote:
>> I used Steve Hunger's CD to install potatoe on

Seneca> Potato's a bit old, why not upgrade to Woody?

>> my son's cpu. When I entered command "lpstat" the reply was that the
>> command was not known.  So, I entered "dpkg -s *" and the following
>> lines appeared- Package: lpr Status: install ok not-installed
>> Priorty: standard Section: net

Seneca> lpstat is in lprng and cupsys-client, not lpr

With lpr, you get lpq, which is roughly analogous to lpstat.  lpstat is
the System V-style command, while lpq is the BSD-style.  For the
commands that I know,

System V                BSD
--------                ---
lp                      lpr
lpstat                  lpq
cancel                  lprm

There may be others, but those are the only ones I use.

If you install lprng, it will replace lpr.  If you install
cupsys-client, you will want to install cupsys, and will have no need
for lpr.

I would suggest using cupsys (+ cupsys-client + cupsys-bsd) as it has a
nice friendly web interface (point your browser to http://localhost:631/
after installing it).

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