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Re: initrd, vmlinuz and vmlinux

hi ya bob

i dont use kernels in the debian way

d/l and install the latest kernel from kernel.org
cd /usr/local/src
tar zxvfp linux-2.4.19.tar.gz
cd linux-2.4.19
make xconfig --> pick what you need, turn off everything else
make dep ; make clean ; make bzlilo
	- fix any errors ( kernel options or ?? )
make modules ; make install

( make install   -  does something too but i rather do it myself 
( and know what changed, moved around 

mv /vmlinuz /boot/vmlinuz-2.4.19
mv /System.map /boot/System.map-2.4.19

update grub or lilo

c ya

> How is the System.map-?? produced?
> Tia
> Bob
> >

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