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Re: NIS problem

In article <[🔎] Pine.LNX.4.43.0210031044500.28799-100000@loligo.mote.org>,
Don Hayward  <don@pomobuli.net> wrote:
>I should have been more clear about rpcinfo ---
>rpcinfo -p client from the client fails

Fails how?

>rpcinfo -p client from the server works but shows only portmapper and
>rpcinfo -p server from the client works
>rpcinfo -p server from the server works

Hmm, the server is OK, and the server can see RPC on the client

>Again, the error is when I try to run ypbind on the client:
>Cannot register service: RPC: Unable to send; errno = Operation not permitted
>Unable to register (YPBINDPROG, YPBINDVERS, udp).

That is the client trying to register the ypbind service with
the local portmapper. It fails, and so so rpcinfo -p. Because
it fails with 'Operation not permitted' I'd say there's a
95% chance there's an ipchains or iptables rule installed
that blocks something

Try 'iptables -L' and/or 'ipchains -L'

>The is no firewall in the system.  I rebuilt the kernel without freeswan,
>but no change.  I've been exploring some ipv6 functionality.  I wonder if
>that introduced some problem with portmap.

Possible. It is a local configuration problem, and it doesn't
have anything to do with NIS, it just shows up when trying to use NIS


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