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Re: File Manager Suggestions?

You're looking for a Windows Explorer replacement, right?

The closest I have found is:


>From the author's FAQ:

"What releases are available?

Currently there is only a binary release for Linux and it's an early Beta."

So it's not 'ready' yet, but it does look good.


On Wednesday 02 October 2002 15:52, Michael Olds wrote:
> Hello,
> I have tried Konquoror: I don't need, like a browser there and would rather
> not waste the space, but I like the two-window setup with tree view on one
> side and full details on the other side.
> I have tried Krusader: it freezes a couple of times a day when I work too
> fast and requires logout and logbackin to start working again, it displays
> permissions in a confusing way, and it doesn't display full details in the
> second window well.
> MC is ok and I use it in terminal mode,  but I want a graphical version.
> Any suggestions?
> Best Wishes!
> Mike Olds www.buddhadust.org
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