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Re: fvwm leaving defunct processes?

%% Russell <rjshaw@iprimus.com.au> writes:

  r> Maybe you should review the manual at http://www.fvwm.org, because
  r> there's a *lot* of config file changes compared to earlier versions.

Heh.  I'm a FVWM developer (anyway I have cvs access although I've not
had time to do much work for quite a while) and read the fvwm-workers
list regularly.  I've been using the new format config files for a long
time.  Thanks for the note though.

None of the config file changes (that I know of) could account for this
behavior.  It's like FVWM is not waiting for children to die, which is
just strange.  I don't know of any config file option that could cause

I take it no one else is seeing this problem?

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