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Re: shrink partition with fdisk

>>>>> "Brian" == Brian Stults <bstults@soc.ufl.edu> writes:

Brian> Hello, I just used resize_reiserfs to shrink a reiserfs
Brian> partition. It worked fine, and df is reporting the device size
Brian> that I expected. However, fdisk still reports the old size. How
Brian> can I shrink the partition in fdisk so it reports the correct
Brian> size, without harming the contents of the device? I'm assuming
Brian> that if I simply delete the partition in fdisk, and then
Brian> re-create it smaller, my data will be lost.

Deleting a partition does not remove the data, nor does creating a new
one in the same place.

Make sure that the new partition starts at the same place as the old
one, and that it's large enough to hold the complete filesystem.
Remember to include the space taken by the file system metadata. For
Reiserfs, that includes 32 MB for the journal + some more for other
structures. Df doesn't include those.

Make a backup before doing anything to your partition table.

Good luck.

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