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Re: gdm login does not appear under "who"

On Sun, 2002-09-29 at 10:39, Jason Pepas wrote:
> I have noticed that if I log into gdm, I do not show up as being logged in 
> via commands like "who" and "w".
> not only that, but if I open up a konsole, I am still "not logged in".  
> However, opening up an xterm will list me under "who".
> is this normal / expected behavior?

Do you have such an entry in /etc/X11/gdm/PreSession/Default: 

/usr/bin/X11/sessreg -a -w /var/log/wtmp -u none -l $DISPLAY $USER

Does this program exist? (apt-get install xutils maybe?)

I think there should be an option somewhere in konsole that let's you
specify to write to /var/log/wmtp when opening a new term.

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