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Qt - newbie

Just upgraded my kde from 2.2 to 3.0.3, under woody.
The Qt version is 3.0.3.

The problems are:
1. Qt-assistant does not work properly. it seems to me that the program
does not point to the correct address.
I did this: locate designer-manual.html
found there are 2 manuals:

How is it to point the Qt-Assistant to a particular file/directory?

2. Where are the example files?
$ locate textbold.xpm and $ locate textitalic.xpm
no result.

If I understood correctly, example files are placed under
$QTDIR/examples. This directory does not exist.

3. More details on file structure:
echo $QTDIR gives this: /usr/share/qt
The following directories are found under/usr/share/qt:
-include, points to ../../include/qt
-man, points to ../man/man3

How should a the file structure of a (complete) Qt package (designer,
assistant, linguist (opt.)) look like? Should I install additional
package, and which one? 

Could anybody help me please?

Setyo Nugroho

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