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Re: Conv. from STATIC to DHCP ... proxy!

Once upon a time =?iso-8859-15?B?RW1pbCBI5Gdlcmx1bmQ= ?= said...
> OK and thanks!
> Re: Proxy information is generally stored by each program individually.
> Re: That means if you use, e.g., Mozilla for X and lynx for console, you'll
> Re: need to set the proxy information in each.  Each should give you a
> Re: dotfile or dotdirectory where thee changes ...
> But what about apt-get?! This one I really need.

Set the environment variables: http_proxy and/or ftp_proxy.

$ export http_proxy=http://some.proxy:8080/
$ apt-get update

BTW. lynx also uses these variables, so you dont need to explicitly
configure it.

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