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Re: Woody IPv6 problem finally, really, solved

Congratulations and thanks!

This solves my thread "EXIM - DNS problem" as well.
I just added the extra lines for my hosts, and bingo, my nameserver doesn't 
get bothered by unqualified names anymore!

Are you going to file a bug on this?

Frans Pop

On Thursday 26 September 2002 11:14, Jan Willem Stumpel wrote:
> Searching the archives of this list for "IPv6" I found I was not
> the only one with problems like "local domains always resolved
> through dialup interface", "unable to disable IPv6 for some
> reason", "DNS madness on Woody", and other problems with "local
> address lookup".
> With the help of the IPv6 developer list I finally found the real
> solution: Woody versions of some Debian packages, like telnet,
> and, it seems, exim, *require* IPv6 addresses for your local
> machines (including localhost!) in /etc/hosts, or they will call
> your ISP to ask for them. And of course your ISP's nameservers
> don't have them either. Specifying local lookup ("files") in
> /etc/nsswitch.conf does not help.
> So if your /etc/hosts is, for instance:
>       localhost
>     mars.my.home  	 mars
>     jupiter.my.home  jupiter
>     venus.my.home    venus
> Then at the end of the file you have to add
> ::FFFF:       localhost
> ::FFFF:     mars.my.home  	mars
> ::FFFF:     jupiter.my.home  jupiter
> ::FFFF:     venus.my.home    venus
> The stuff already added to /etc/hosts by the Woody upgrade
> process, like
> ::1     ip6-localhost ip6-loopback
> fe00::0 ip6-localnet
> etc., should remain where it is.
> I have no idea why this new behaviour of the packages should be a
> Good Thing (a ploy to harass ISP's, to force them to support IPv6,
> perhaps?), but at least I have now restored some sanity to my
> system.
> Regards, Jan

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