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How to make jed have the same keybindings as xemacs

Hi all

I usually edit (live) in xemacs, but when I am running around as root
editing a bunch of small files from the console/an xterm, xemacs is  a
bit heavy weight.

So I thaught, no probs, jed is an emacs clone, and all the basic editing
keys should work.  Well, turns out I was wrong. In jed, M-f and M-b
don't do what I'd expect.  

What must I do to bind them to word-forward/backwards. Pointer to the
correct global config file welcome :)

Furthermore, I'd also like C-k to kill the line and carriage return if I
press it at the beginning of a line.

Another thing, it seems like jed grabs the mouse when running on the
console, which prevents me from using gpm to cut-n-paste between
consoles.  How can I make jed leave the mouse alone?

On a more general note, am I the only one who finds it funny that some
basic emacs movement keys are re-mapped by default in jed?


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		   		   --- KMFDM

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