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Re: no incoming mail

This one time, at band camp, nate said:
> Lars Jensen said:
> > Local mail is coming in, but no mail is coming in from the outside.
> >
> > My mail.log and mail.err are both empty.  What is MTA?
> MTA is mail transfer agent(e.g. exim, postfix, sendmail etc)
> do you have a domain w/MX pointed to your system?
> have you tried to email yourself from another system, if so what is
> the result from the remote system?
> nate

If you're not the MX for your domain, you'll need another utility
(fetchmail, getmail, etc.) to retrieve your mail from your ISP.  Note
that the internet site option sometimes fails, when sites you're
emailing do reverse DNS checks and your name doesn't match your IP.  If
it is the MX for a real domain, this is of course not a problem.

For exim, look at /var/log/exim/mainlog, rejectlog, and paniclog.
They'll give you more info about what exim's been up to.


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