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Re: Slow printing through CUPS

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On Friday 20 September 2002 09:39 am, Alex Malinovich wrote:
> I'm using CUPS to print to a network printer attached to a Windows 2000
> box. All printing is done via SMB. The big problem is that when I'm
> printing from one of my Debian machines, the speed is absolutely
> horrible. Approx 3 - 5 MINUTES per page. When printing from a Windows
> box, I get about 3 - 5 PAGES per minute. Is there any easy way to figure
> out what's wrong on the CUPS side? Or would I be better off just
> connecting the printer to a Debian box and running CUPS with printing
> over IPP? Any suggestions?
> -Alex

Greetings Alex:

I also had the same problem.  I first used lprng, then switched over to CUPS. 
 Both printed *really well* but very slowly.  My bride could send over one of 
her print jobs from win98 and it would print very quickly.  I didn't see any 
option unit recently when I installed a full stable Woody on my laptop.  When 
I added the printer, I had over 5 drivers to choose from for my old hp-560c!  
The one I picked printed as fast as winX but only in black/white.  The next 
one printed almost as fast as winX but in full color--eureka!  I did a quick 
search and loaded more CUPS drivers with apt-get, then modified my printer 
config to use that driver.  Much improvement for an impatient hippie :)

The advice is check for optional drivers (gimp-print etc) and add them all, 
then see if you can find one that will really drive your printer well.



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