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Re: ide-scsi

On Friday 20 September 2002 21:26, Alan Chandler wrote:
> Can someone explain how ide-scsi gets loaded?
> I have done grep -r ide-scsi * on /etc and its not reported (and therefore
> in particular /etc/modules or /etc/modutils have no reference to it).
> But loaded it certainly is - although an lsmod shows it loaded but not
> being used by anything.
> The problem is I have a scsi CD-R and an ide DVD reader - and mplayer can;t
> play my dvds until ide-scsi is removed.  Since it don't think I need it for
> anything I really would prefer its not loaded.
> Running Debian/Unstable with linux 2.4.19-k7

make sure there is no entry for it in /etc/modules.conf.
also check that its not preloading in lilo (should look something like :
append = "hdd=ide-scsi")


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