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console beep, mutt, removing compiled stuff

howdy folks!

few questions...

1) what makes the console beep (tab-completion,
hitting backspace) and how do you shut it off -
permanently... setterm?

2) anyone know of a nice mutt tutorial out there?
i'm starting to dump most of the gui programs in
favor of text mode stuff... ala irssi/micq...  and
i would like to add mutt to my arsenal. i would
like to test sending mail on my box (locally) only
and was wondering what you guys use for mta's and

3) i compiled licq from source... ./config, make,
make install..   no success.. not sure why but i'd
like to dump licq anyway in favor of micq. i'm
still a psuedo-n00b and i know the common answer
is 'just find where it is on your box and delete
it...' ..   but i'm talking removing it
all..anything licq...


building from source is very cool indeed except
when you have to remove all the stuff it can be
kind of a pain. is there a nice one liner that
would delete it all? something like 'find / |
rm -rf 'licq files'. i like learning about console
commands because i think they're damn powerful.

thanks much guys...the list has always been


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