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Re: Nvidea-GeForce2ConfigProblem

I've got an athalon system with integrated nvidea geforce2 svga,
ethernet, modem, sound card on a single chip (I believe).

I found the debian packages for patching the current Woody X systems
and kernel to be confusing, I prefer leaving kernel work to myself
with straight downloads from kernel.org and nvidia.com

The nvidia site has a very detailed description of what XF86Config-4
settings to use (XFv3 is *not* supported) and what not to use.

If there is interest, I'll post/send my kernel .config and
XF86Config-4 files.  I include framebuffer and AGP support in the
kernel (2.4.19), and use the kernel's AGP so far rather than the nvidia



Section "Module"
# not nvidia    Load    "GLcore"
        Load    "bitmap"
        Load    "dbe"
        Load    "ddc"
#not  nvidia   Load     "dri"
        Load    "extmod"
        Load    "freetype"
        Load    "glx"
        Load    "int10"
        Load    "pex5"
        Load    "record"
        Load    "speedo"
        Load    "type1"
        Load    "vbe"
        Load    "xie"

Section "Device"
        Identifier      "Generic Video Card"
        Driver          "nvidia"
        Option          "nvAgp"         "2"

# maybe on with nvidia?         Option          "UseFBDev"              "true"

ThomasRatliffDDS <tommyr@agora.rdrop.com> writes:

> Trying to get X up and running
> Snippet from /var/log/X*0.log
> Symbol XAADoBitBlt from module /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/drivers/nvidia_drv.o
> is unresolved!

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