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Re: MS WINWORD and WINE problems....

Irvin Temp wrote:

Ive been playing with Wine(version in woody) and MS Offcie 2000. I was to configure

wine manually and using winesetup... I also installed MS Office 2000 and was able

to launch the MS WORD, EXCEL and POWERPPOINT apps. My problem here

is when i close the WORD application i would get a pop-up box with the message


"The Disk is full or too many files are open.

(C:\Windows\..\Templates\Normal.dot)" This happens all the time, thus i could not save my work, everytime i would save

a file this happens. Has anyone experience this, any recommended solutions,

explanations or links regrading this problem would be appreciated.



"Normal.dot" is a template file that contains default settings such as custom styles, custom toolbars, macros, and AutoText entries. Some viruses, such as Melissa and AutoClose infect this file. If I'm not mistaken, "normal.dot" normally does not get written to the drive except when changes to the preferences (to the template, actually) are made, or when the system is infected with one of these types of viruses.

So the first thing I would do would be to shut down all of Word and rename "normal.dot" (a new one will be created automagically when you restart Word). See if that makes a difference.

Another thing to look at is to see if wherever "normal.dot" is read/writable for your user. Assuming the file is not infected, and the file is being written as part of the normal course of events for Word, this could be your issue.


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