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postfix: how to apply uce control only to some accounts?

Hello list,

I have some UCE control rule in my postfix mail server. However, I'd
like the postfix not to apply the UCE to everyone by default, while have
a list who are willing to use UCE. In my main.cf, it looks something
list this

smtpd_client_restrictions = permit_mynetworks,
        check_client_access regexp:/etc/postfix/access,
        check_client_access regexp:/etc/postfix/clientcheck,
        check_client_access regexp:/etc/postfix/openrelay,

In this case, all accounts in /etc/postfix/lamers will not be affected
by UCE rules while others will. This is not my goal. What I want is to
create a list, say /etc/postfix/paranoid and put some accounts in it to
make them use UCE rules, while leaving others untouched.

Is there any possible configuration or solution?

Patrick Hsieh <pahud@pahud.net>

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