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df and dh reporting different disk space usage

I've got a problem with disk space being reported differently by du and df.

df is showing the root filesystem to be 98% full. It was reporting 100% a few days ago but everything remained running.

Filesystem           1k-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/md0                365492    336502     10120  98% /

However, du -x reports a different figure, 82Mb, which is what I would expect:

12      /lost+found
2420    /bin
10605   /boot
82      /dev
2455    /etc
57628   /lib
1       /opt
8040    /root
2355    /sbin
1       /tmp
4       /mnt
83604   /

The machine is running woody, kernel 2.4.18. The root partition is ext2. It has two identical disks, all partitions are raid 1 across the two disks. It boots off a custom made CD.

I've got /usr, /home and /var mounted on different partitions. One thought I had was I'm mounting these directories over the top of something else, ie that there are files in the /home directory on root before I mount, and these are now inaccessible. Is there any way to find this out without unmounting? The machine is a production server and also co-hosted so I'd like to avoid having to take it down.

thanks for your help,


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