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Re: XFree86 Memory usage

Eric G. Miller wrote:
On Sun, Sep 15, 2002 at 05:00:59PM -0700, Leo Spalteholz wrote:

I've noticed recently that if I keep my computer up for a while (2 days or so) the swap fills up until its all used (~360MB). top shows that XFree86 is using 441MB. Now I realize that 64MB of that would be my video ram but 377MB is still huge. I know that linux tries to use all available ram but isn't that limited to physical ram?

Or does XFree86 have a major memory leak somewhere? I am running testing with no 3rd party packages installed.

I've seen this from applications that have X intern image buffers,
and then the apps promptly lose their "handle" for the buffer,
essentially causing a memory leak.  It's not X's fault per se,
as such apps never tell X to free up the memory (and it will
remain used even after such apps exit).  I recall a program
that cycled the root image did this (forget the name...).

Hmm.. perhaps its because I set KDE to load a new wallpaper every 30 min? Its just eating memory all by itself.. For example in the few hours since I posted the original message xfree has gone from using 441MB to 483MB even though I was away from the computer. (btw, what does RSS mean? It shows 82M under RSS whereas before it said something like 30M)

I'm not running galeon or any java programs as some others have suggested.


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