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Re: Debian 3.0 and AIRONET PCI4800 (Aironet PCI350) ?


I would check the modules availabe for yout kernel. I am not sure if the 2.2.x 
kernels in Woody have support for this card. I am sure I saw it in the list 
of modules for my 2.4.x kernel though. Try modconf and browse the modules.


On Thursday 12 September 2002 7:40 am, Ignacio Solis wrote:
> * W.D.McKinney (deem@wdm.com) said:
> > I could really use some help. I have a CISCO AIR-PCI350 card that I
> > have been trying to get to work in Linux. I'd prefer to use Debian so
> > I am asking here if anyone on the list has a workstaion using a PCI
> > wireless setup ? I have yet to get this to work under Linux and it
> > works great under MS Windows. Any pointers ?
> I didn't have any problems with the card. I have it on a system running
> Mandrake right now but it's a plain and simple kernel issue.  What's
> your problem?  Have you tried the drivers from Cisco? Have you enabled
> the kernel modules for the aironets? Have you loaded them?
> Nacho

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