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Using exim efficiently on a dialup machine

Hi List

Some weeks ago I switched from kmail to mutt/exim. At first I did not
realize that exim did not deliver several e-mails, some to the list, and
some private ones. I saw using "exim -bs -bp", that those mails are
marked  '*** frozen ***'. I don't know why this is the case, I'm sure I
was online when sending them from within mutt.
So, how can I "defrost" the frozen messages and get them sent?
How do I configure exim so that it looks if ppp0 is up and then retries
to send the messages instead of freezing them? (Is this possible at all?)
Or what is the favoured way for a dialup machine to send mails from
within mutt?

Any input is greatly appreciated, tell me if you need some snippets from
my current exim.conf.


No, "rm -rf *" does not mean "read mail -really fast"...

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