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Quotas on Woody

Hi List,

I've been having real trouble with quotas on Woody.  They are working to
a degree, I have kernel support, I have the quota files, but I have
recurring problems and the gut feeling that things just aren't quite
right and I don't trust them to work properly.

I'm running Woody with a custom 2.4.18 kernel with quota support
compiled in, ext2 file system.  My problems are thus:

I'm really confused about the version system.  I'm constanty getting
messages like "Quotafile format differs from the one on the file system
or the one specified in the kernel".  At the moment, I'm trying to work
around my confusion by setting quotas both for the new (vfsv0) and old
(vfsold) file systems, but some quotas (for two particular users) seem
to get reset every night.  I've looked at the cron.daily script and
have tried all the commands in there to make sure they don't break the
system --- they don't.  I don't know what's going on.  Quotas aren't
working properly, grace periods aren't working properly, the warnquota
cron job isn't warning users that are over... I haven't managed to find
a comprehensive document explaining how to get quotas working properly
on Woody and it's really bugging me.  Which version should I be using?
Which tools should I use to configure quotas correctly?

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance,


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