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problems with tux(racer|kart)

hi all,

could anyone shine some light on why i am having problems with
tuxracer and tuxkart on a Dell Lat. C800 laptop with an 800MHz PIII
and 256Mb of RAM, running sarge with X 4.1.0. the graphics adapter
(Rage Mobility M4) is handled by X's ati/r128 driver after agpgart and
the r128 4.1 DRM module is loaded (it's a custom kernel 2.4.19). KDE
2.2.2 is running as window/session-manager.

1. tuxkart 0.1.0-4

  Versions of packages tuxkart depends on:
  ii  glutg3                       3.7-14
  ii  libc6                        2.2.5-11.1
  ii  libstdc++2.10-glibc2.2       1:2.95.4-11
  ii  plib1                        1.4.1-1
  ii  tuxkart-data                 0.1.0-4
  ii  xlibmesa3                    4.1.0-17
  ii  xlibmesa3 [libgl1]           4.1.0-17
  ii  xlibs                        4.1.0-17

  When the program starts, the mouse becomes very jumpy (VERY jumpy
  - it takes me about 15 seconds to get it over the Quit button, and
  another 15 for the system to register the click). XFree86 goes up to
  98-99% CPU usage, system load just climbs. everything return to
  normal when tuxkart is killed.

2. tuxracer

  Versions of packages tuxracer depends on:
  ii  libc6                        2.2.5-11.1
  ii  libsdl-mixer1.2              1.2.4-1.1
  ii  libsdl1.2debian              1.2.4-1
  ii  libstdc++2.10-glibc2.2       1:2.95.4-11
  ii  tcl8.3                       8.3.3-7
  ii  tuxracer-data                0.61-1
  ii  xlibmesa3 [libgl1]           4.1.0-17
  ii  xlibs                        4.1.0-17

  When the program is started, the sound plays fine, but the graphics
  are messed up. There's a solid white vertical stripe of about 5 cm
  in size going through the entire picture at 65% across. it doesn't
  matter whether it's windowed or fullscreen.

any tips appreciated. i have converted almost my entire family to
debian, but if the games don't work, they are not happy. and i know
jack about games, graphics, or multimedia.

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