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Printing problems....help???


Firstly, does anyone know if the digest of this list is active? I subscribed to it, got the confirmation etc but I never receive any messages......

Anyway, I have a problem with printing from my system. I've tried using magicfilter, apsfilter (didn't like this because all I could do was print test pages, I couldn't print from any applications....) and now printtool (i know i know, but I'm desperate!!) and I get the same problem every time: the first time I set the printer up, I can print to it fine, but as soon as I reboot the machine the printer stops working.

This last time I've set up the printer using printtool but now that I've rebooted, its dead again. Nothing even goes into the printer queue. lpd is up and running and I can't really find anything wrong - so what am I missing???

I'm using woody 2.4.18bf2.4 and an Epson 750. I'm using a generic Stylus Colour driver....anybody help??


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