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Re: Modules - unstable? -newbie

This one time, at band camp, Setyo Nugroho said:
> Am happy to have woody installed, after moving from suse.
> One thing which makes me grabbling for quite sometime. It may take
> sometime to understand the whole scene behind debian and its power.
> Nevertheless I still trust this debian more than other popular distros.
> I just configured sound modules, such as soundcore  etc. The audio works
> fine. The same audio modules were added into /etc/modules,  so that
> these modules wil be loaded every time the system is booted.
> After rebooting, the modules in concern are there (checked using lsmod),
> but audio does not work any longer.
> The message after
> " $ cat /usr/share/sounds/KDE_Window_UnSticky.wav >dev/audio ", 
> is: 
> "bash: dev/audio: No such file or directory"
> Flwg tools were used:  insmod,  modprobe,  modconf, lsmod, rmmod.
> Could some help me, please.
> Setyo Nugroho

There are several parts to getting audio to work, but it sounds like
you're on the way.  The first is hardware and module matching, which it
sounds like you've done succesfully.

The second is usually a sound server if you're running X - GNOME uses
ESD, and KDE uses Arts.  Try ps ax to see if either is running.

The other is permissions - make sure your user is in group audio.  Then,
either try to play a sound file from within an app, or cat
/usr/share/sounds/KDE_Window_UnSticky.wav > /dev/dsp .  According to
devices.txt from the kernel source, /dev/dsp is digital audio, while
/dev/audio is Sun-compatible digital audio - don't know if both coexist
on a normal Debian install, but /dev/dsp has always worked for me.


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