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Re: How to make kernel-modules-<version>.deb?

Oliver Fuchs wrote:

On Thu, 05 Sep 2002, Eric Richardson wrote:

I've been able to to use make-kpkg kernel-image to create a custom kernel .deb file from a kernel source package. All the modules are compiled and I tried make-kpkg modules-image but no deb file gets created. How do I create the modules deb file?

On a related note, does the kernel installer create the initrd.img?
preinst or postinst or ?

Hi Eric,

cd in your kernel-source directory (/usr/src/kernel-whatever-source).
After you compiled your kernel run from here:

make-kpkg --revision number modules_image

After finishing do cd .. and install the image with:

dpkg --install module-whatever.deb

See alo as an example /usr/share/doc/pcmcia-source/README.gz
Hi Oliver,

I'm trying again. The kernel directory has subdirs with the driver source etc. so if this below looks okay perhaps i'll have better luck. This is the source modified for realtime by timesys.com.

  - kernel
    - arch
    - drivers
    - fs
    - include
    - init
    - ipc
    - kernel
    - lib
    - mm
    - net
    - scripts


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