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Re: Help with patching kernel??

On Sun, Sep 01, 2002 at 09:44:28AM +0100, Matthew Claridge wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks to everyone who helped with the soundcard query - got that sorted 
> now and no, I won't any of those nasty mp3s with it ;o)))
> Maybe I'm being a bit ambitious for day twp, but I'm having some trouble 
> following the guides etc to rebuild my kernel with some patches. I need 
> to add support for Win4Lin, which requires two patches be applied.
> I've got instructions and I've read the manuals and the user 
> guide....but...things don't quite tally and I'm scared ;o) I've been 
> told I can do it the standard way with the patch tools etc (like I do 
> with redhat systems) but I want to get to grips with using dpkg and kpkg 
> if I can....it looks a lot easier once you understand it...
> Anyway, the problems that are confusing me are:
> 1. There's no /usr/src/linux directory. But I think thats normal because 
> I've got a /usr/src/kernel-source-2.4.18 directory with the kernel 
> source tree underneath it....
> 2. There's no .config file that I can find with my current kernel 
> configuration - I don't want to do this from scratch  if I can help it....
> So I've got the source tree. I've got the source tree for the nVidia 
> drivers and the two patches I need to apply. I've got instructions for 

Do you mean the nVidia accelerated X drivers?  If so, apt-get install
nvidia-kernel-src nvidia-glx-src for more make-kpkg goodness.

make-kpkg modules_image will download, build and package the kernel part
of nVidia drivers; the instructions in
/usr/share/doc/nvidia-glx-src/README.Debian will explain how to build
the X part.


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