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Help with patching kernel??


Thanks to everyone who helped with the soundcard query - got that sorted now and no, I won't any of those nasty mp3s with it ;o)))

Maybe I'm being a bit ambitious for day twp, but I'm having some trouble following the guides etc to rebuild my kernel with some patches. I need to add support for Win4Lin, which requires two patches be applied.

I've got instructions and I've read the manuals and the user guide....but...things don't quite tally and I'm scared ;o) I've been told I can do it the standard way with the patch tools etc (like I do with redhat systems) but I want to get to grips with using dpkg and kpkg if I can....it looks a lot easier once you understand it...

Anyway, the problems that are confusing me are:

1. There's no /usr/src/linux directory. But I think thats normal because I've got a /usr/src/kernel-source-2.4.18 directory with the kernel source tree underneath it....

2. There's no .config file that I can find with my current kernel configuration - I don't want to do this from scratch if I can help it....

So I've got the source tree. I've got the source tree for the nVidia drivers and the two patches I need to apply. I've got instructions for applying the two patches I need. If I have the .config file, I think I can install those patches and then do:

make xconfig
make -kpkg clean
make -kpkg kernel_image modules_image
dpkg -i kernel_image modules_image

to build and install the kernel???

But like I said, I'm confused.......(and scared!!! lol) As a newbie to Debian, should I just use the standard patch method until I'm more comfortable with the new stuff, or is it quite easy to get into it and do it the 'right' way??

many thanks

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