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Re: boot floppy?

Hello :
	Thanks for ur reply  ;-)

i have a 123.img about 2.8M !!!

but 123.img is not support my SCSI and Network device...so that,i just modify this image file......then burn image file into CD.

In this regard, floppy is not good solution to me.....@_@


> Hello,
> If you can build a static Kernel that includes the neccesary drivers, you
> can just dd 'it on a floppy and it will boot the box an promt to insert the
> rootdisk:
> dd if=/boot/vmlinuz of=/dev/fd0
> rdev /dev/fd0 /dev/fd0
> rdev -R /dev/fd0 0
> rdev -r /dev/fd0 49152
> If you need a more comlex Setup, you can visit
> http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Bootdisk-HOWTO/index.html

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