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Outlook 2000 and XP vs uw-imapd

Hi all,

A client I put a Intranet in for pointed out an odd problem which I can
duplicate on my own network.

The default IMAP setup works perfectly for all accounts when they use
Outlook Express or Squirrelmail.

But Outlook 2000 and Outlook XP crash.  Simply dies on contact with the
server.  He's formatted his disk on the assumption that there was a
problem in the Windows setup but the problem remained.  Tried from another
workstation and realised that Outlook XP crashes when it is used with an
IMAP server.

I've actaully installed Outlook 2000 on my laptop to check his theory and
sure enough, it dies when browsing the folder list.  syslog only has 2

Sep  4 08:55:54 enterprise imapd[996]: imap service init from
Sep  4 08:55:54 enterprise imapd[996]: Login user=pkirk
host=phasar.kirks.net []

Win2k says it is generating an error log but I can't find any entry in the
Event Viewer.

Jaldhar - I hope its OK cc-ing you directly rather than hoping you see the


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