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Re: Is there a GPL substitute for RealPlayer?

Sean Shaleh Perry said:
> On Tuesday 03 September 2002 11:49, Paul E Condon wrote:
>> Is there a GPL substitute for RealPlayer?
>> What is its name? What debian package name?
> No, there isn't.  The company that makes Real does not release any useful
>  specs.

they will be soon though, or at least it seems like it:


"Real Networks is announcing plans to release some, but not all of its
technology under an Open Source-friendly license within 90 days."

""We're getting some network protocols that go on top of IP and UDP, and
do their best to provide continuous playback despite the fact that the
Internet doesn't guarantee throughput or latency," OSI founder and former
Debian project lead Bruce Perens told us."

"Perens told us that the RealNetworks "client engine", the code that lives
in the desktop player of browser-plug in and that drives the client half
of their codec, will be available under a license derived from the Apple
Public Source License, but with goals much closer to the GNU General
Public License. Both licenses are accepted as "Open Source", he says."


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