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Display Problem - Pincushion Distortion

After an upgrade my display has severe pincushion distrotion apparently caused by lilo. That is, at power up the initial display is normal but distorts as soon as lilo starts to present the boot options. The uncommented line in lilo.config is vga=normal. I have tried switching this to vga=ask which, according the man pages for lilo and lilo.real (whatever this is), at startup lilo should pause and can display the vga options. It doesn't pause.

The upgrade was fairly straightforward: I upgraded a system from potato running xwindows and gnome to woody first from an official cd set using

       apt-get -f install dpkg apt debconf


       apt-get -f dist-upgrade

then when on line and repeated

       apt-get -f dist-upgrade

and finally

       apt-get -f install xserver-xfree86 xfonts-base


apt-get -f install gnome-utils gnome-contol-center gnome-users-guide gnome-media

This, plus some fiddling with dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86, produced a reasonably workable system but the pincushion distortion persists.

(I don't understand why, when a I had a perfectly working xwindow/gnome display in potato, it is necessary to reinstall xwindows and gnome. I would have thought that a dist-upgrade would take care of this. I also don't care for lilo's orange block in the middle of the screen at startup. I have a far more detailed bootmess.txt. But all this is besides the point. The pincushion distortion is the only real irritation.)

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