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Re: Problems with konqueror

On Mon, 2002-09-02 at 12:18, Klaus Imgrund wrote:
> There I go again,
> I am having trouble with konqueror.Worked fine for 3 days on a new install now it is crapping out again.
> When I start it shows up without the sidebar.When I change to certain directories without the sidebar everything is ok.
> With the sidebar konq crashes and has to be killed.
> This only happens with a few directories on one useraccount.
> On a previous install I had the same problem with the rootaccount.
> Has anybody any idea what could cause this?

The only time I've ever seen something like this is when a mounted
filesystem is screwed up. check your mounts and see if any of them are
not responding: nfs, samba, autofs etc


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