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Re: Sid [summary]

On Tue, 2002-09-03 at 15:14, Colin Watson wrote:

> sid is unstable, and often suits its name. I wouldn't expect it ever to
> settle down if I were you. :)
> The current major blockers are the perl 5.8 and python 2.2 transitions.
> Those are being worked on and should be sorted out by a couple of weeks
> from now, but by then something else may well have taken their place.

>From what I can see on the lists, upcoming events are
 - gcc 3.2
 - glibc 2.3
 - gnome 2
 - KDE 3.whatever
 - XFree 4.2
 - menu system rewrite
 - installer

gcc 3.2 and glibc 2.3 are looking good, and I don't expect much impact
on users (but it'd perhaps still be wise not to upgrade to the first
available glibc 2.3 package. It's libc, after all).

gnome 2 is being handled very badly, this has even effected testing :-(
I didn't follow issues closely, but I'd not expect this to be settled
too soon.

KDE: no idea. I guess 3.0.x will never come into a Debian release, but
directly 3.1. From what little I tried, the 3.1 packages seem to be
basically working (for alpha packages not even present in experimental,
that is).

XFree: I'm sure this will go without major breakage.

menu system: I guess there'll be a long enough transition period as it
will perhaps affect many, many, many packages.

installer: shouldn't have any impact at all if you're just running the

IANADD and YMMV, if I got something plain wrong please correct me.
(Please don't if you just happen to be of a different opinion on, to
pick one item at random, the gnome2 transition).

-- vbi

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