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Re: Lilo boot splash on Woody

Thanks all

It works fine now after following Olivers instructions and putting the bmp in 
/boot and changing lilo.conf to reflect this. 



On Friday 30 August 2002 2:34 pm, Oliver Fuchs wrote:
> On Fri, 30 Aug 2002, Pat Colbeck wrote:
> > Hi
> >
> > Last night I tried to install the lilo Debian boot splash from
> > kde-look.org (http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=3009) on
> > my vanilla Woody system. Lilo complained about a syntax error in
> > lilo.conf when I tried it. I am using the Woody 2.4.18 kernel. So far as
> > I can see the lilo.conf syntax is correct. Does the lilo that ships with
> > Woody not support boot-splash ?
> Hi,
> i use the boot-splash from Philipp Wolfer available on the debian.org
> side for my kernel 2.2.20 ... i send you the README file for further
> information:
> [...]
> Debian Lilo Bootscreen 0.2
> (c) 2002 Philipp Wolfer
> Debian Logo
> (c) 1999 Software in the Public Interest
> This is a graphical lilo bootscreen for Debian GNU/Linux. It is
> available in three versions, one for Debian 2.4 alias 'Woody', one
> for the unstable 'Sid' and one for Debian 2.2 alias 'Potato'. Please
> notice that the Lilo coming with 'Potato' doesn't support graphical
> boot menus. You must update to a newer version in order to use it.
> I created this bootscreen by using the official Debian Open Use Logo
> available from http://www.debian.org/logos
> You can use this bootscreen for free without restrictions as long as
> you respect the license for the Debian Open Use Logo.
> Installation is easy. Just copy (as root) the
> debian-bootscreen-woody.bmp or debian-bootscreen-potato.bmp to /boot.
> Now open the /etc/lilo.conf in your favourite text editor and add the
> following lines:
> # Enable graphical boot menu:
> bitmap=/boot/debian-bootscreen-woody.bmp
> bmp-colors=1,,0,2,,0
> bmp-table=120p,173p,1,15,17
> bmp-timer=254p,432p,1,0,0
> Then you should replace the existing line install=... (should be
> something like install=/boot/boot-menu.b) by
> install=/boot/boot-bmp.b
> Also you have to define the time Lilo should wait before booting the
> default system. This is done by adding the line (or replacing an
> existing line):
> timeout=80
> This sets the timeout to 8 seconds.
> After you have modified the lilo.conf you must rewrite the boot sector
> by calling the command "lilo"
> If you want to enter some boot parameters at boot time you can do this
> by pressing [Tab] while the boot menu shows up.
> Lilo whil switch into text mode and you can enter the kernel to boot
> together with any option like boot=...
> This bootscreen is also available as a GIMP xcf image
> (debian-bootscreen-0.1.xcf). The xcf image contains all three versions
> of the bootscreen. The different texts for each version are located on
> separate layers. The font used was charter, bold, 26pt
> In order to use this image as a bottscreen you have to change the
> color depth to 16 colors. Then save the image as a bitmap file (.bmp).
> If you are using GIMP you have to to do this as follows:
> Select "Layers -> Flatten Image".
> Select "Image -> Mode -> Indexed..."
> In the following dialog set "Generate Optimal Palette" with 16 colors.
> In "Dither Options" set "No Color Dithering".
> Now save the image as a bitmap file.
> Note that if you are changing the color depth to 16 colors the
> resulting color palette can differ from the one in the original
> bootscreen bitmaps. Since Lilo takes the colors for the menu text from
> this palette it could be necessary to change the lilo.conf.
> For details on how to do this see the manpage of lilo.conf.
> Please send comments and suggestions about this Debian bootscreen to
> phil@newswriter.org
> [...]
> Oliver

Pat Colbeck
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