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how to find out pppd's exit status?

I've noticed that creating a file each time I run pon and deleting
it each time I run poff or echoing some information when one of
those is issued doesn't always help: whatever information I want to
retrieve, I don't know the pppd's exit status. 
For example, if I try to connect and I get a busy-signal, I'll
never notice since poff will never be called and no information will
be logged that way. (Well, of course _I_ will notice, but not a
program depending on that information). So I was wondering how to
catch that exit code. would this help or should I look for something
else? I thought I could start writing information to a file as soon
as I'd find out about pppd's status: if it got a busy-signal or
anything else, no information would be written to the file. Can I do
it in a script?


echo ${girl_name} > /etc/dumpdates

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