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Re: from `zip' to sid via network - A general outline needed

Harry Putnam wrote:
> Hopefully I will already have accumulated enough knowledge and skill
> to do this with minimum help:
> Summary: Beginning with no Debian OS at all, and over the network,
> get a minimal install, and finally a full blown installation of `Sid'...

Don't know what sid is, but i went to:

and did something like:

get rawrite:

download, rawrite onto floppies, and boot pc:

download .../base-images-current/basedebs.tar , burn onto a CD,
and read into the linux pc.

The process should get dial-out working, so you can install
packages from the net using dselect.

Instructions are at http://www.debian.org/distrib/floppyinst

I had a second PC with windows, so i could do downloading etc
while i was getting the debian PC loaded.

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