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from `zip' to sid via network - A general outline needed

Hopefully I will already have accumulated enough knowledge and skill
to do this with minimum help:

Summary: Beginning with no Debian OS at all, and over the network,
get a minimal install, and finally a full blown installation of `Sid'.

Details:  Its not so easy to see how the above can be done by looking
over the various docu stuff at www.debian.org.  For example:  Under
the network install heading one is suggested to get a `minimal
unofficial' cd first and proceed from there.  Addresses to get them
are given, but all I see are ones with names like `woody <something>'
So its not clear if one can go to `sid' from there.

I suspect doing what I want is mostly described on www.debian.org
but without actual experience doing it a time or two, it just isn't

Once one has a minimal install that is capable of internet
connection, then what are the steps to upgrade a system all the way
to absolute latest `sid'?

I'm not a developer, nor will I be of much help to developers, so
that isn't my angle here for wanting `sid'.

I run one machine (of several) at home, that has nothing but
experimental installs of various OS on it. Currently:
Sol 8 (intel), openBSD-3.1, `Null' (The beta version of Redhat).

I'm a retired heavy construction worker so have plenty of time to
mess around with stuff I `have no business' with. (hehe).  I like to
tinker with stuff that is mostly over my head, so in some ways I may
become quite a pest here over time.

The description above isn't much of lead into getting help, but it
probably comes sort of close to describing quite a few posters here,
maybe mostly in a somewhat younger age group, but still people who
like to tinker with stuff they don't fully understand. 

Anyway, what I'm asking for is a general outline  of steps required to
go from zero to a full install of `sid', over the network.  I'm
equipped to burn any CDs required.

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